8230 SW Nimbus Ave Suite 3C  Beaverton, OR  97008

 MMF Capabilities include:
Quick Turn PCB Assembly
Cable Assembly
Full or Partial Box Builds
Assembly Testing
Part Fit Testing
Performance Testing
PCB repair


MMF offers in-house prototyping of pre-production products for testing.  Whether it is a full product model or a quick turn PCB assembly, we will create an accurate and functional representation of your design for thorough evaluation.  MMF will deliver any number of working prototypes- from one to multiple- that display tolerances, clearances and part fits, and then perform the proper testing procedures to ensure proper assembly for final production. 
MMF's goal is to provide the most cost-effective/value rich solutions possible for electronic contract manufacturing. We offer solutions directly or in collaboration with our clients to make sure their specifications and requirements are being met perfectly. Being committed to our clients’ means being flexible at every turn. We take the time to listen in order to meet a client's needs and make their goals a reality. Our willingness to adapt to our clients' needs and work closely with them creates collaborative business relationships 


Contract Manufacturing


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